Cathy Smith is an entrepreneur, certified substance abuse counselor, and highly-acclaimed keynote speaker. With decades of experience as an owner and operator of DUI schools, transportation services and day care centers, her sights are set on a bigger goal: empowering women to achieve their dreams.

Raised in the tiny city of Hartwell Georgia, Cathy was never told to dream big. After graduating from Georgia State with Bachelors in Urban Studies, she went on to earn a dual Masters in Public Administration and Adult Education. With her degrees and two-week-old baby in hand, Cathy started her first business.

Through her speeches, conferences for women, classes, individual counseling, group counseling and one on one empowerment coaching, she encourages her clients to commit to the inner work needed for success, while always being obedient to the next step in life’s journey. From welfare recipient to self-made entrepreneur and single-mother, Cathy’s story serves as a guiding light for countless women to become their best selves and turn their aspirations into realities

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