The quality of your life is a reflection of your personal power. It is easy to get sidetracked with feeling guilt and shame…. to believe that your power comes from pleasing others. It is easy to believe that your worth is attached to what you do, rather than who you are.

In this life changing class, you will release the patterns that do not serve you and reconnect back to your power. You will – Remember who you are. You will feel powerful and confident. You will connect back to your innate worthiness. You will release guilt and shame. You will connect to God’s strength and change your life. When you change your relationship with you, you change your entire life.

Don’t wait another day to live in your power.

In this life-changing class, I will guide you to reconnect and embody the empowered essence that you, as a woman, have by nature.

I will teach you how to immerse yourself in this experience of self growth, forgiveness and strength knowing that you will be lead to a worthy new chapter of your life.

Pity to Power is a journey that will take you from a place of guilt and shame to a whole new free lifestyle filled with hope and a worthy mindset.

Don’t wait another day to live in your power,

The Pity To Power Class


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